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Quinte Window Tint is Quinte Regions leader for car, truck or SUV window tinting. We guarantee professionalism and experience in all tinting work on your vehicle. Our installer has over 10 years’ experience and will be sure to go through all the options available to you and your vehicle. We are proud to use window film products from SUNTEK, the best supplier of window films products in Canada. All of our products are backed with a manufacture warranty, simply put, we guarantee our services.

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Why Choose Us?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work! If for any reason we let you down, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Locally Owned & Operated

We live and work in your community & are family owned and operated. We support local employment opportunities.

Quick Installation Turnaround Time

We don’t want to keep you waiting! It is our goal to get your vehicle booked and completed within 24 hours.
Skin Cancer Foundation recommended

Protects against 99% of U.V. rays


Simply pick up the phone and give us a call at 613-771-1764.
Or email us via: sales@quintewindowtint.ca

5 Reasons to Install Auto Window Tint

UV Protection
Traditional car windows don’t block UV rays. That means your skin is still exposed to the harmful effects of the sun while you’re in the car. This can mean sunburns and discomfort, as well as more serious long term consequences. The auto film we use in window tinting helps to block out the UV rays and works like a sunscreen for you and your passengers.
Glare Reduction
Many of us enjoy watching a nice sunset – except when we’re driving straight into it. Whether it’s the sun, the snow, or someone else’s headlights, glare is irritating for drivers and can actually be quite dangerous. Window film reduces the blinding light and makes it much easier to see your surroundings in bright settings.
Temperature Control
If you constantly find yourself cranking up the car AC on sunny days, window tint may be a good option for you. The auto film used in window tinting helps to reflect the sun and heat off your car, helping you enjoy a sunny drive without overheating. You’ll save power by not having to use the AC as much, and the best part? Not burning your hands on the seatbelt when you get in!
Less Fading
By blocking UV rays and reflecting heat away from your car, auto film actually protects the interior by reducing fading. It’s one simple way to protect your investment and keep it looking like new.
Window tint instantly upgrades the overall look of a car. It’s a cost effective, simple way to give your car a “makeover” and have it look sleek and stylish on the road.

We look forward to tinting your ride!

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